FL Keys

FL Keys is a realistic piano simulator with low CPU and memory usage. This plugin plays back multi-samples and is effectively a specialized sampler designed for 'keyboard' instruments.

With the help of several additional modules included in FL Studio, FL Keys can also operate as Rhodes & Roto Organ.



Select the sample set to be used by FL Keys. The default is 'Grand Piano'. Click on the ? to the right of the menu to display information about the sample set, including author, sample rate, number of velocity layers, etc.


  • Decay - Sets the note decay while the key is pressed. The higher the knob value, the longer time it takes for the note to decay. You can also adjust decay to minimum to set FL Keys to sustain mode (notes do not decay). This is useful for organs and other non-decaying sounds.
  • Release - Sets the release (fade out) time after the key is released.
  • Pan - This knob combines two functions: from middle position to left, the knob applies, respectively, 0% to 100% of auto panning effect to the sound. The auto panning speed depends on the LFO parameter in the Misc section; from middle position to right, the knob applies, respectively, 0% to 100% of tremolo effect to the sound. The tremolo speed depends on the LFO parameter in the Misc section.
  • Stereo - Sets the key to pan position ("left" piano keys are panned to left, "right" piano keys are panned to right), with additional stereo ambiance at high settings.


  • Overdrive - Applies a soft overdrive to the generated sound.
  • LFO - Sets the frequency of an LFO unit which is used in the auto panning and tremolo effects (see above).
  • Treble - A simple peaking filter which allows you to decrease or increase the treble levels of the generated sound.
  • Stretch - Sets the amount of stretched tuning used for high-pitch notes (C#5 and above: the higher the note pitch, the more the stretched tuning that is applied to it). The knob has a range of -50 to +50 cents. Set to 0 cents (middle) to turn the effect off.


  • Muffle - Applies a subtle low pass filter to "muffle" the generated sound. Use the linked velocity knob to determine how velocity affects muffle.
  • Hardness - Adjusts the sample ranges up or down to change the virtual "size" and brightness of the piano. Use the linked velocity knob to determine how velocity affects hardness.
  • Sensitivity - Adjust the volume sensitivity of FL Keys to the note velocities. Set to minimum to make the synthesizer ignore velocities.


  • Tune - Allows you to offset the tuning of all notes from -100 cents to +100 cents.
  • Detune - Allows you to apply a custom amount of random detuning to the pitch of the notes. This effect allows you to simulate a Honky Tonk piano sound. Light amounts of detuning can add realism to the piano sounds. Set the Detune amount to 0 for perfect tuning (unless Stretch is used, see above).

Plugin Credits: Paul Kellett (engine), Frederic Vanmol (FL Plugin adaptation), Miroslav Krajcovic (Interface)