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With over 25 years of continuous development, FL Studio has become the 'fastest way from your brain to your speakers' for many of the world's top DJs and producers. From using the FL Studio trial in their bedroom to landing on the world's biggest stages. Is it your turn? Our trial allows you to make and save projects, then export them to audio formats like MP3 and WAV, ready to share with the world. How far will FL Studio take you?

Audio Envelope & Gain Controls
Integrated Audio Clip Envelopes & integrated Gain controls for faster and more precise control. Includes automated cross-fades and more ...
A New Browser
All the features our customers have been asking for: Tagging, favoriting, custom colors-icons-tabs, online content and an inline audio player with visualization, scrub and volume control.
User Interface Theming
Change the mood of your DAW with control over hue, saturation, brightness, text, meter and step-sequencer colors.
New Effects
Something for everyone: VFX Sequencer, Multi-band Delay, Vintage Phaser, LuxeVERB.
Multi-language Support
Choose - Chinese (cn), English (en), German (de), Spanish (es) from the General Settings
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More Instruments & Effects

Maximum punch for your productions

Maximize your sonic impact with FL STUDIO All Plugins Edition, or choose just the extra plugins, synths and effects you need.

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Use our range of plugins, synths and effects to expand your sound. State of the art plugins designed specifically for FL Studio.


High quality effects, both included or as extra plugins, in FL Studio. Tweak and change existing sounds with FX to personalise your music.


Expansive options to speed your creative workflow. Sync your songs to our video effects ready to promote on social media ...

Samples, loops & presets

Create with confidence using our copyright cleared content

Get more out of FL Studio by using our carefully selected samples, loops and preset packs. Start producing your own songs right away with high quality sound samples.

Discover all samples, loops & presets

An extensive collection of libraries ready for use with FL Studio's included plugins. Diverse samples and sounds for your personal music style.


Inspiring loop content that loads seamlessly into FL Studio's included Slicer, Slicex and Sampler.


Choose from the 1000’s of presets made especially for FL Studio's plugin instruments. Check the list of plugins that use this content.