Add Menu


  • Channel - Add an instrument or generator plugin to the Channel Rack.
  • Effect - Add an effect plugin to the Mixer.
  • View plugin picker - Opens the Plugin Picker.
  • Browse plugin database - Opens the Browser > Plugin database folder.
  • Browse all installed plugins - Opens the Browser > Plugin database > Installed folder.
  • Browse presets - Browser > Plugin presets folder.
  • Refresh plugins list (fast scan) - Scans for newly installed VST plugins. Use the Manage plugins option below for advanced plugin management.
  • Manage plugins - Opens the Plugin Manager to perform a complete scan that categorizes plugins as generators (instruments) or effects. You can also add custom VST folder locations and create favorites.
  • Automation for last tweaked parameter - Creates an Automation Clip for the last tweaked/moved parameter.
  • Pattern - Creates a new Pattern.

NOTE: See the Browser > Plugin Database section of the manual for tips on adding plugins to show here.